Holden Putters are made from Densified Wood Laminates technology (DWLT) which makes the head as hard as metal but a soft feel. All putter heads are individually machined and hand finished. Each putter head is made to requested specifications by the purchaser. Weight is added using copper rods and to lower the center of gravity allowing solid contact with the ball. To ensure the you feel and hear the putt you are making. It has a long white strip to help you align your shot.

"this is not your dad's old wooden golf club!!", this is new Densified Wood Laminates Technology (DWLT)

Holden Putter designs meet the rules of golf as per The R&A review completed.

Specifications (customization)

  • 3 degree face angle (standard)
  • Various shaft types (straight, double bend)​​
  • Various shaft locations (heel, mid and center)
  • Custom stain colours (high quality marine grade stain and 2 part coating)
  • Various grips installed at customers request